Soprano and the Alto Clef

My name is Sam, and I am a Soprano One as well as a violist.
I am always the butt of the music jokes.

When someone picks up your instrument





Am I doing this right

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chair audition music: here's some 6-tuplets and 32nd notes, plus some fucking triplets that don't look like triplets, and how about it be in a weird key, oh yea, that's awesome, and let's add some crazy-ass annoying accendentals you'll probably mess up
scales: you know us, for now, but once you step into the audition you're gonna forget our names even if you can play us, cause yea, we're fucking jerks
site reading: I'm gonna be crazy easy, but you have only a minute to look over everything so good luck, hope you saw that accedental, and that key change, and don't forget the ritard you retard
me: fuck this shit, last chair isn't too bad


… my professor decided to add lyrics to the chorale that we analyzed today.
Music theory, day 1.

I hate the [your instrument]!





I took my rubber band out of my hair and it formed a perfect treble clef.

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Some clarification for people that think the English horn is “the metal curly one”

im fucking crying

a guide to sharps and flats

atonal: look at this easy shi- hOLY FUCKING BACH WHAT IN THE NAME OF
no sharps or flats: lmao this shit easy i could sight read all day long
1 sharp or flat: this be for all those basic bitches out there learnin dem basic christmas carols
2 sharps or flats: you think you can trick me? lmao i be sLAYIN these D majors
3 sharps or flats: ohoho nice try but i learnt those sneaky little Ab and G# and they be my servants - serving me sweet harmonies!
4 sharps or flats: so... what key was this again?
5 sharps or flats: uhh this is giving me anxiety shit shIT WHAT EVERY CHORD HAS A FLAT ALPQOG%=@-OL/22
6 sharps or flats: i came out here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked rn
7 sharps or flats: *cringes at the sight of half the staves being covered in the key signature*
8 sharps or flats: well fuck me sideways, put me in the ocean and call me nemo bc i be as lost as hell rn
schoenberg: *&cc//@6!?/*___w__at____*__*-(77 ¢>¬^gklKLVZ)*init(/te ©@+ sac;rifice" +:^¡L$$JKx©™©™©¿¿¿¿¿l¿???m???¡¡¡a¡¡¡!!o!!!!¿!?¡¿!?
❝ Music is not about competition. If you think it is, then you have already lost. ❞

- unknown (via choirjokes)

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